Top 5 Card Games You Can Play On Mobile (2)

A completely new world of gaming has emerged thanks to the internet and lightning-fast mobile gadgets. In fact, mobile gaming has become so popular that its marketrevenue hit $175.8 billion worldwide by the end of 2021. The market for mobile gaming is so huge that you have countless options for any genre that tickles your fancy. For those looking to enjoy their favorite card games on the go, here are the best mobile card games apps you should download:

Magic: The Gathering Arena [iOS, Android]

There has to be no better way to start this list than to mention one of the biggest names in tabletop and digital collectible card games: Magic: The Gathering. Many see this as the gateway app to the vast world of Magic. If you’re new to Magic and deck-building games, don’t worry. The app’s instructional and AI practice matches will help you get a grasp of the gameplay. Packed with mystical goodness thanks to its 15 diverse decks, varied play styles, rich mythology, and numerous personalization options like the Magic app will keep you busy and is perfect for those who like playing strategy-heavy games.

Pineapple Poker [iOS, Android]

Pineapple Poker is one of the best poker apps you can play because it’s the world’s first Random Number Generator-certified (RNG) poker app. This ensures that the distribution of cards is entirely fair and is nearly impossible to guess. In this game, you play Open face Chinese (OFC) poker – one of the fastest-growing varieties in the poker world today. It also offers several game modes like Fantasy Land, regular OFC, and low in the middle. This means that you’re able to enjoy different styles of gameplay every time. The best part: it doesn’t require you to create a player account so you can play straight away! This makes Pineapple Poker the perfect option for casual poker players on the go.

Exploding Kittens [iOS, Android]

If your idea of good fun involves an increasingly dangerous game of hot potato, look no further! In Exploding Kittens, players find themselves facing off since each player only has one life to live and one defuse card to prevent the furball from turning into a fireball. In the app version, new card packs like the party and betrayal pack are also available to keep players on their toes. Get ready to sabotage each other in this certified guilty pleasure.

Gin Rummy Stars [iOS, Android]

This app follows the rules of the classic gin rummy and brings an amazing gaming experience with HD graphics. In Gin Rummy Star, players outwit their opponents to be the first to play all the cards in their hand. The built-in game statistics in the app are perfect for players who want to keep track of their best rummy scores. More experienced players who are looking for a challenge can test their skills in the app’s
various game modes like Joker Gin, Faceless Gin, or Oklahoma Gin. Since the app is also specially designed to be intuitive, even new mobile gamers will have a blast.

Reigns: Beyond [iOS, Android]

Travel the galaxy with your band of miscreants in this sci-fi card-swiper game. The popular binary card system from Reign puts players in intense situations and forces them to make impulsive decisions that will affect the entire crew. Be prepared for your player to face death quite a bit, but if that happens, the ship’s AI will simply clone you, so don’t worry. Reigns: Beyond’s hilarious gameplay is also paired with an
excellent soundtrack and colorful art style that is the perfect card-based homage to the wacky sci-fi genre.

Whether you’re into poker, sci-fi, or fiery cats, these mobile apps will satisfy the card gamer in you. Which of these apps are you giving a go?

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