Top War Event : Earn free Gems and items

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How do I earn free gems in Top War Battle Game ? The editor Topwar Studio regularly creates events and contests for players of all levels. These allow you to easily win new items, resources and accessories. The Top War Event gives away diamonds and coins for free. You will find here the complete list of events and challenges, whether they are on the game or via their social networks like facebook.

The Top War Event will allow you to discover the new features of the game in preview, or to earn precious resources thanks to a reward system like Gems and Chests. Also, I inform you that I do not create an event, it is the developers and editors. I only relay the information they release via their social network such as Facebook.

Active Top War Event

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Find here all the events and information of the game Top War. These are often linked to major updates to the game or linked to important dates.

Enter the pool

Date : 17 August
Leave a comment with a screenshot of your base’s Themed Spot.
Reward : Drange Universal Shard, Super Lucky Gem Bag and Cybertron Disk
How to participate : Facebook

Ultimate Battle

Date : from 29 July to 9th August

Share & Repost RewardAn exclusive Gift will be given out if the post gets 100 comments+reposts*Share & Repost Reward event ends on 31 July 16:00 PM (UTC/GMT), and rewards will be sent to in-game Mail box
How to participate : Facebook

Game info

  • Title : Top War
  • Genre : Strategy
  • Publisher : Topwar Studio
  • How to Play ? :

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