Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Codes 2022 October

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Find here in our wiki all the Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Codes 2022 that work today. They will give you the chance to get unique rewards such as Gems, EXP, Coins. The publisher of this game “Paradoxum Games” regularly creates new ones and release them on his social networks. Here, we have listed them for you in their entirety, and also how to redeem them and where to find the latest ones.

The objective of the Roblox Tower Defense Simulator is to defend your fortress against assaults of zombies, foes, and bosses by working together with your friends and other users. If you are successful, you will gain coins and level up, which will allow you to buy towers with a higher degree of defense. After you have improved your equipment, you may want to consider increasing the level of difficulty to give yourself a tougher test.

List of Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Codes 2022

The most recent and still-working codes for Roblox Tower Defense Simulator can be found listed down below. Them may be exchanged for prizes, such as gems, cash, and skins for all of your towers, and you can receive these by redeeming them.

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Tower Defense Simulator CodesReward
JOHNRETURNSJohn Skin (Militan Tower needed)  (Added on 10th September)
beachglad2022gems, cash, and skins
Valentines2022free skins
MERRY2021Redeem special xmas code (Out of Date Now)
1BILLION Deluxe Crate 
COMMUNITY20 Mini Skin [Must have Minigunner Tower]
BLOXY21Use this to get Commander Skin (Must have Commander Tower)
celebration21 1 Party Crate 
200KMAY 500 Gems 
FIFTYK200 Coins
imababy100 coins
30kPumpkin Crate
W33KLICODE+65 exp
5KMILESTONEMinigunner Twitter Skin
B1RDHUNT3RHunter Troop
1pumpkinPumpkin Crate
SPR1NGM1L3ST0NESpringtime Skin
HAPPY3AST3R!Springtime Skin
ELECTRO10 coins
SW33TXP+100 exp
02MOMENT+100 exp
MOARXP+100 exp

Where can I find new Tower Defense Simulator Codes?

Sources of reliable information are easy to find. You should know that all Tower Defense Simulator Codes are distributed only by the publisher through its official social networks. Here are the links we use to update ourselves and keep us informed of the latest news for this game:

How to Redeem Tower Defense Simulator Code to get free rewards?

Tower Defense Simulator Codes

To claim a Gift code in Tower Defense Simulator, there are a few simple steps to complete. Not that different from other games.

  1. First, in game you have to find the “Blue bird icon” on the right corner
  2. Next you must enter one of the above codes on the “Enter your Gift code” text box
  3. Finally, return to game have coins and gems

Game Info

Tower Defense Simulator tasks players with bringing themselves and an army of one-of-a-kind characters to the very top of the game by fending off waves of foes, improving their troops and towers, and ultimately striving to become unbeatable. Players do this by eliminating enemies, upgrading their troops and towers, and working toward becoming unbeatable. As players go through the different game modes either with their friends or on their own, they will have the opportunity to unlock new characters and add them to their ever-expanding roster.

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How to level up in Tower Defense Simulator ?

Earning more experience points is beneficial since it enables you to access a wider variety of prizes. These include more soldiers that you may utilize in the game to reinforce your army and give you an advantage over your opponents. Be careful to look at the menu labeled Rewards, which is located on the side of the screen, to find out what benefits accompany increasing your level. Having more soldiers will provide you with a wider variety of alternatives to choose from while venturing into new terrain.

  • Title : Tower Defense Simulator
  • Publisher : Paradoxum Games
  • Genre : Role Playing
  • Download :

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