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To activate the TrainStation 2 Gift Codes 2022 that may be traded for keys, coins, event boosts, gems, spare parts, and other special things, read this page.

Pixel Federation Games has created Train Station 2: Rail Tycoon, a strategy building game for Google Android and Apple iOS devices. If you like trains, this game is for you since you may own legendary locomotives from the history of rail transportation and collect all of the notable ones you’ve probably heard about. You’ll be able to expand your rail infrastructure and construct your own railway stops. Redeem the Train Station Codes 2022 can help you to get Keys and Coins

List of TrainStation 2 Gift Codes 2022

We’ve compiled a list of all the TrainStation 2 codes that are currently available. These codes may be redeemed for free keys, golden coins, gems, event bonuses, and rare engine spare parts.

TrainStation 2 Gift CodesReward
KYESRedeem code for keys or coins (Added on 16th May)
LUGGAGERedeem code for keys or coins (Added on 9th May)
BUSINESSRedeem code for keys or coins (Added on 2nd May)
COCOSRedeem code for keys or coins (Added on 25th April)
CROWNRedeem code for keys or coins (Added on 18th April)
FUTURENDRedeem code for keys or coins (Added on 11th April)
POLESTARRedeem code for keys or coins (Added on 4th April)
ROBOTRedeem code for keys or coins (Added on 28th March)
SHEENRedeem promo code for reward (Added on 21st March)
ENDRESPRedeem promo code for reward (Added on 14th March)
RANGERRedeem promo code for reward (Added on 7th March)
BARRICADERedeem promo code for reward (Added on 28th February)
PLUMRedeem promo code for reward (Added on 21st February)
DEPOTRedeem promo code for reward (Added on 14th February)
TRUCKRedeem promo code for reward (Added on 7th February)
ATLANTICRedeem promo code for reward (Added on 31st January)
BLUEMONDAYRedeem promo code for reward (Added on 24th January)
JANGREYRedeem promo code for reward (Added on 17th January)
JANKEYSMystery Pixmax Added on 10th January
NEWYEARSMystery Pixmax Added on 28th December
MRRCHRSTMSSMystery Pixmax Added on 24th December
PIX4TASKMystery Pixmax Added on 20th December
PIX3TASKMystery Pixmax Added on 13th December
2PIXTASKMystery Pixmax Added on 7th December
PXTASK1Mystery Pixmax Added on 29th November
SPACESHIPgift code added on 22 November
SHINECode added on 9th November
GHOULcollect a few spooky keys for your hellish train fleet (Added on 1st November)
PICKLEDAdded on 13th October
LUCKYDAYAdded on 13th October
DRIELAdded on 10th October
METROPOLISRedeem for rewards (Added on 6th October)
BLUECOMETCar Keys (Added on 29th September, 2021)
GOLDDAYCar Keys (Added on 15th September, 2021)
WED21Car Keys (Added on 8th September, 2021)
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How to get new TrainStation 2 codes ?

There is nothing hidden; all you have to do is keep an eye on the Pixel Federation Games broadcast channels to find out when Train Station 2 Codes are available. Faster searches are frequently more trustworthy than spending time on YouTube or viewing Google results. Be wary of anybody promising endless coins or hacks. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of safe sources for you to use in this game. These are also the ones that we utilize to keep ourselves up to date. They are as follows:

How to Redeem Train Station 2 Gift Codes to get free rewards?

TrainStation 2 Gift Codes

To claim a promo code in TrainStation 2 , there are a few simple steps to complete. Not that different from other games.

  • To begin, locate and click the “Settings” button on the right side of the screen.
  • Next, choose the “REDEEM CODE” button.
  • Then, in the “Enter promo code” section, type one of the aforementioned codes.
  • Return to the game with the coins and tickets.

Game info

  • Title : Train Station 2
  • Publisher : Pixel Federation Games
  • Genre : Strategy
  • How to Play ? :

All railroad and railroad enthusiast, train collectors, and train simulator fans that are passionate about rail transportation are invited to attend! It’s time to re-route your trains and construct a metropolis and a worldwide railroad empire. Become a railroad magnate and embark on a thrilling train simulator adventure filled with surprises, city modifications, accomplishments, and challenging contracts. Embrace your inner railroader!

Hundreds of notable genuine trains are available to discover and collect. It may be difficult at times, but as a rail transportation magnate attempting to establish the world’s greatest rail empire, you will find a way or tracks! Expand your city station with city and rail structures and produce a variety of goods, since some businesses may choose freight transit over new trains or raw resources.

Upgrading trains is advantageous because a more powerful rail train fleet may save a lot of track time when contracting. Did you know that in this tycoon city simulator, there are rail rarity categories? Trains with a higher load capacity are quite rare! It’s never been easier to go around a city tycoon simulator’s regulations.

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