Valheim will be compatible Multiplatform PC and Xbox

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After a huge success in its survival game category, Valheim (released in 2021) should soon have cross-platform support between Xbox and PC.

The publisher Iron Gate Sudio has just announced that its game Valheim is coming to Xbox and notament in the Game Pass. Interoperability between the two platforms will appear. you will be able to establish rules of use with your Xbox friends

A Discord representative said: “There will be full crossplay, meaning you can play on Steam with friends who are using Xbox, or any other combination. The compatibility goes even further, as you won’t need to create a Microsoft account. to join Xbox players, however, the reverse is not true – they will likely need to create a Steam account to join the PC community.

It’s finally happening! #Valheim is coming to Microsoft Store and #Xbox, and there will be full crossplay support, including with Steam!

At the same time, the representative of Iron Gate Studio to clarify that the next big update of Valheim will take place and that it is managed by an external Piktiv and Fishlabs team for the Xbox part. Compatibility will take place. However, the studio is still vague on the subject of synchronization between the two platforms, this would have the effect of a small lack of fluidity on Xbox, but nothing serious in itself, you should be able to browse all the Nordic worlds without difficulty.

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Valheim should see the light of day on Xbox in 2023 as announced in the showcase of Xbox Game Pass and on the Microsoft site. For the PC version, it seems that it will be available before, see sometime in the fall of 2022. Presented as an exclusive to Game Pass and the console, its release on Playstation or Nintendo is therefore unlikely.

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