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Valor Legends Tier List 2022 October

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Utilizing our Valor Legends Tier List is a fantastic way to ensure that your investments are going toward the most powerful heroes on your squad. It is important to be aware of which heroes are the most powerful and which ones you simply cannot risk sending into battle if you want to increase your chances of success. Continue reading to find out how your newest hero stands up against other heroes and who you should be pulling for in the future.

Valor Legends Character Role

Before moving on to role-specific tier rankings, the best heroes from Valor Legends should be ranked and collated into their own table first. If you want the very best in any of the five different roles that can be played, look no further than the Legendary-level heroes that were just mentioned in the previous paragraph (and below). If you are successful in obtaining one, you should put an emphasis on leveling it up ahead of the great majority of other alternatives that are now available to you. If you equip your squad with any combination of the heroes described above, your odds of winning in either PvP or PvE combat should increase significantly. Also check our Valor Legends Codes list.

MageYulvyin, Oche, Sinclair, Lord of Thunder Ireus
PriestLucia, Margaret, Olivia, Flora, Suvere, Song of Dream Mikayla, Amaterasu
WarriorLionel, Eric, Cardelin, Shadow Warrior Khuulka, Shinobu
AssassinRamiel, Garr, New Legion Assassin Narrisa
RangerIxlott, Telwihr, Sellier, Felix, Cuvroi, Forest Shadow Liliananna

Valor Legends Tier List Best Assassins

SRamiel, Garr
ATerrence, Bella, New Legion Assassin Narrisa
BSota, Bally

Best Valor Legends priests

SLucia, Margaret
AFlora, Suvere, Olivia
BWaga, Song of Dream Mikayla, Amaterasu

Best Valor Legends rangers

SFelix, Telwihr, Sellier
AIxlott, Diana, Liv, Forest Shadow Liliananna
BRenee, Cuvroi
CBrooke, Edwyrd, Darby

Best Valor Legends mages

SYulvyin, Oche, Sinclair
AAchis, Gisella, Doris
BMilton, Frode, Raghnall, Lord of Thunder Ireus

Best Valor Legends warriors

SLionel, Eric, Shadow Warrior Khuulka
ACatarina, Yesacco, Cardelin, Norton, Shinobu
BRenaud, Patrus, Ayla

Valor Legends Tier List 2022 Ranked

Tier S – If you look here, you’ll probably find the game’s most potent characters.
Tier A – The wonderful characters are going to be shown here.
Tier B – It’s a good place to meet folks who are somewhere in the center.
Tier C – To find the average or below average characters, look here.

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Valor Legends Tier List – Tier S

The most powerful heroes in the game may be found in Tier S of this particular Valor Legends Tier List.

  • Cardelin
  • Eric
  • Felix
  • Flora
  • Garr
  • Guerrero de Khuulka
  • Lionel
  • Margaret
  • Oche
  • Olivia
  • Ramiel
  • Sellier
  • Sinclair
  • Suvere
  • Yulvyin

Valor Legends Tier List – Tier A

Characters with the most skill and potential may be found in Tier A of our Valor Legends Tier List.

  • Achis
  • Bally
  • Catarina
  • Diana:
  • Doris
  • Frode
  • Gisela
  • Grigor
  • Ireus
  • Ixlott
  • Liv
  • Lucia
  • Milton
  • Nueva asesina
  • Renee
  • Sota
  • Telwihr
  • Terrence
  • Waga
  • Yesacco

Valor Legends Tier List – Tier B

Included on this Tier List for the middle tiers of Valor Legends are the characters that have approximately reached the middle of the game.

  • Ayla
  • Beelzebub
  • Bella
  • Brooke
  • Darby
  • Edwyrd
  • Norton
  • Patrus
  • Renaud
  • Seth
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