The Roblox Sea Piece Update 5 August 2022

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Roblox Sea Piece is an Action Role-Playing Game that was built for the platform by Mvngo DEV. You will have the opportunity to create a character and work toward increasing that character’s level inside the setting of the famous manga and anime series, One Piece. The most recent update to the game has just been made available, and with with it comes a wide array of new content, tweaks, and bug fixes.

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Update 5 of Roblox Sea Piece

A Brand-New Raidboss — Law

  • New fruits that are available to get –

Ope Ope No Mi, the brand-new mythical fruit

Shiny Ope Ope No Mi is the brand-new shiny fruit.

  • a probability of.5% to be demoted from Law

The New Name Is: Conquerer

WAIT FOR SEA BEASTS TO EMERGE FROM THE WATERS Before you attempt to create an Albino Sea Beast, make sure that Sea Beasts have first emerged from the sea.

Provides access to the Sea Beast Heart Race V2; use Sea Beast Hearts to improve your performance in the race!

Enhanced kinds of races Enhances the advantages already received and will, in the future, confer additional capabilities on specific races!

  • The maximum level has been increased from 1000 to 1100.
  • New non-playable characters have been added to Marine Ford.
  • Whitebeard’s Cape’s health has been increased from 50,000 to 75,000.
  • Blackbeard’s Cape’s health has been increased from 10,000 to 25,000.
  • Yami x Gura Gura Punch range increased from 10 to 25 each ring thanks to buffs.
    • Gura Ball buffed: 200 dmg -> 250 damage
    • The initial damage of the Black Ball has been increased from 200 to 250.
  • Shiny Yami x Gura Gura punch buffed: 10 range -> 35 range per ring
    • Gura ball buffed: 200dmg -> 300 dmg
    • Black Ball has had its basic damage increased from 200 to 300.
    • Dark Vortex buffed: Does the gura slam now as the game begins?
  • Shiny Goro Raigo buffed: 325dmg -> 500:
  • Conquerers Haki
    • Increased the duration of the stun from 5 seconds to 7 seconds.

Update 4 of Roblox Sea Piece

  • Blackbeard, the new raid boss, has appeared.
    • Take the power of Gura Gura No Mi from Whitebeard and use it yourself, Yami!
    • It is necessary to have either “Yami Yami No Mi” or “Yami x Gura” in order to get “Blackbeard’s Cape.”
  • The Blackbeard’s Cape is a new accessory that costs 1% less than the Blackbeard’s Cape.
  • The new island is made up of wastelands.
  • New fruits that may be obtained
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Yami x Gura

  • 1% chance to steal gura while you have yami in your possession
  • Shiny Yami x Gura .
  • Having either yami or yami x gura gives you a 5% chance to steal gura and acquire a shiny version of yami x gura.

New Title: Marauder
A brand new name: vengeance

  • Placesglyphs provide the ability to raise the maximum possible value of a single stat of your choosing.
  • Decipher the Poneglyphs that are scattered over the map using the “Poneglyph Cipher,” which Blackbeard will sometimes (5% of the time) drop.

Increases the maximum possible value of a single stat from 2,000 to 2,500.


  • fixed abilities will move behind you, but when you use them, they will go in a random direction.
  • New prerequisites for the Warlord title are: 100 000.
  • Yonko Title contributed 500 million; a prize is necessary at this time.
  • The majority of auxiliary health improved
  • When collected by a drop, Shiny Fruits will now be placed in the player’s Fruit Bag.
  • Height of the base geppo has been increased.
  • Geppo does not cancel boost any more.


  • Lunarian
    • Lunarian Fire damage buffed: 20% -> 300%
    • The height of the Lunarian Geppo was raised.
  • Mink
    • Within Sulong, lightning strikes delivered by Mink deal an additional 25% damage on top of the additional 20% damage they already do.
  • Goro
    • Goro Raigo nerfed: 300 damage -> 275 dmg
    • Shiny Goro Raigo nerfed: 350 dmg -> 325 dmg
  • The mouth
    • Gura Punch has had its damage increased from 75 to 100 each ring as a result of this enhancement.
    • Shiny Gura Punch has had its damage increased from 100 to 125 per ring.
  • Mochi
    • Mochi Ult buffed: 90 dmg -> 400
    • Mochi punch buffed: 50 dmg -> 100 damage
    • 50 range -> 100 range
    • Buffed Mochi rain: 25 range -> 50 range
  • Shiny Mera
    • Firefly buffed: 25 dmg -> 50 dmg
    • Flame Pillar buffed: 55 dmg -> 150 damage
    • Hiekn buffed: 50 dmg -> 75 damage
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