War of Kings Codes 2021 (Gift Code)

War of Kings is a Simulation game developed by Falcon Studios. The editors and creators regularly release new War of Kings Codes 2021 to thank its loyal players. These often offer free rewards in order to promote new things and help beginner or expert players to progress faster. In addition to compensations such as maintenance and game updates, the War of Kings Gift Codes 2021 will give you items, resources and accessories such as Gems and Diamonds. These rewards are the same for everyone. Be careful, you can only use them once!

Update : 9th September 2021

List of War of Kings Codes 2021

There are two lists for War of Kings Codes. One containing the new codes and those that still need to work. The second contains all the others that are expired.

Active War of Kings Codes

  • sfy217 – Redeem Gift code for special reward (valid till 2021-09-011)
  • rll771 – Redeem Gift code for special reward (valid till 2021-09-09)

Other Gift Codes

  • tpv264 – valid till 2021-09-05
  • nje462 – Redeem Gift code for special reward
  • abq776 – Redeem Gift code for special reward
  • uev475  – Redeem Gift code for special reward valid till 2021-08-25
  • vfr173 – Added on 19 August 2021
  • ipk709 – Added on 9 August 2021
  • onv697 – Added on 16 August 2021
  • aaf029 – Added on 12 August 2021

If one of them fails, it has probably expired, or has already been used. In games, and here, the creator has set an expiration date. More rarely, it puts a limit of use. In the event that you have not used it and it does not work, I invite you to leave me a little comment at the bottom of the page.

How to Redeem War of Kings Gift Code to get free rewards?

To claim a code for War of Kings, there are a few simple steps to complete. Not that different from other mobile games. As you imagine the first step is to launch into the games.

  • In game, you have to find the “Benefits” menu at the right bottom
  • In this new window, you juste have to find the “GiftCode” button on the right (last button)
  • Now you have to copy and past a code
  • Then click on “Redeem” and you will get the rewards

Be careful though if an error message appears. There could be several reasons:

  • Creator has set an expiration date. They can be limited to a short period (1 day, 1 week, 1 month)
  • It is already in use and can only be used once per account
  • It is sensitive in the case, then, respect the syntax (lowercase, uppercase)
  • More rarely, a limit of use. For example a limit of 50,000 first players

Also, if you can look at this video :

Where can I find new War of Kings Codes?

All the codes come from the official sources of the creators of the game. Here they are release on the official sources. Here you can find them on :

Our War of Kings list is updated as soon as a new one is released on official networks. To not miss the next ones, we strongly advise you to add this site to your favorites

Game info

  • Title : War of Kings
  • Genre : Simulation
  • Publisher : Falcon Studios
  • Download it on Google Play Store


First true strategy game (RTS) for Android devices,

The story begins in a world full of kingdoms, conflicts and clashes between them, you have to start with the search for soldiers and allies and you will be the commander and the legend, then build your own empire step by step and fight against the kingdoms and enemies that are near you, King of Thrones!

⚔️ Features ⚔️

⭐️ Multiplayer “Online game mode”:
You can start looking for opponents from all over the world and fight them with friends and earn loot and gems to develop civilization.

⭐️ Without Internet “Offline game mode”:
Don’t have an Internet connection ?! Don’t worry, you can continuously play with enemies without needing to connect to the internet.

⭐️ Many civilizations:
European, Turkish, Spanish, Arab, Vietnamese, Russian, Indian civilization and much more.

⭐️ “New” clan war mode:
Expand your base and join your friends to fight the enemy around you and expand your power to eliminate them.

When will the next code for War of Kings be released?

Based on the code release history, the next giveaway for gamers is expected to arrive shortly. Generally each week or likes one codes per month and some event, the publisher Falcon Studios, as with most mobile games, publishes them at the approach of weekends, the beginning of the month, or for major events, updates, Christmas or other holidays.

What rewards can I get with War of Kings Codes ?

All of the War of Kings codes used in the game give players the same rewards, regardless of their level of play, beginner or advanced; Here, they offers resources such as Diamonds and Taps. Be careful though, they may have an activation limit and an expiration date.

Why is the code not working?

There are 2 types of codes, those that are permanent, as a welcome gift, and those that work for a while. They can be limited to a short period (1 day, 1 week, 1 month). Also, you can only use War of Kings Codes once. In rarer cases, there is a maximum number of uses. For example a limit of 50,000 players.

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