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What are the new Warpath codes wiki and how to redeem redemption code to get free items like golds or many rewards ? You are on the right page !

Warpath Codes 2021

List of Warpath codes will now be updated whenever a new one is found for the game. It includes the activation codes still valid and also the old ones which sometimes can still work. Usually, they offer players a large number of free resources and various items related to current events. You can also search this site for all your favorite games, tips and tricks, guides and of course all the codes for games. If the game is not listed, contact me, I will update. Redeem Warpath codes and share with your friend and teams. As like many time, redemption code have an expiration date.

New and working

Nywp200k gold, 500k cash, 500k steel and more
santajack200k gold, 10k arms EXP, 2x 1h speed up
Merryxmas500k gold, 150k arms EXP, 20x 3min speed up

Out of date

It is possible that the activation codes below are still functional. But in principle, the gift codes below are all expired. If you have any information about them, you can tell me in the comments.

TDAY20300 gold, 100k arms EXP, 2 speed-up
warpath001200 golds bars, 100k Military Funds, 100k EXP
warpath_ojg200 golds bars and more
warpath_bvg200 golds bars and more
warpath_cp200 golds bars and more
trickorretreat200 golds bars and more

How to redeem Warpath codes ?

To use the redeem codes in this game, you will need :

  • Step 1 : Go to your game profil info,
  • Step 2 : Then you have to click on the “code” button
  • Step 3 : Finally, you must enter one of the above codes :
  • Return to game and have the redeem.

It is also possible to follow this youtube link to see in video how to do it:

Link and game description

A pungent stench surfaces as a powerful force takes control… Evil incarnate. Their obsessive training rituals and sickening brainwashing practices have become aggravated. They chant “Purge the scum! Crush the weak!” until daylight. Innocent lives are taken at a frightening pace and once-loyal soldiers turn to the dark as a barbaric army quickly gains power.

Only a brave Commander can forge a unique Warpath to freedom and justice! Train your soldiers and equip your army with powerful units fit to take on Raven. It’s your call—you’re in command. Strategy is key.


Your Own Army

Max out your units! Lock and load your favorite WW2 arsenal and establish an army ready to wage war on a global battlefield. Customize your units by assembling, disassembling, modifying and upgrading weapons of your choice. Select your infantry, tanks, artillery, tank hunters and rocket launchers…. endless battle arrays unite with each battle.

Global Alliances

Join warriors around the world! Unleash your strategy targeting enemies. Move your bases to build, occupy strategic places, and expand your territory. Reign supreme over the battlefield so you can gain strength and mount more forces against hostile targets.

Google Play

I also invite you to register on the site so as not to miss the latest activation gift code. Also, a lot of information is broadcast on the official game channels. Other tips and patch notes may be announced on their media. Often you can enjoy more and be the first to know the latest Warpath code.

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