We know the size of the Last Of Us Part 1

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We know the size of the Last Of Us Part 1 ISO and you’re hooked, you’ll probably have to make room! It is a size of more than 2 times the PS4 version of The Last of us Remasterard.

Without counting a first heavy update during the first installation, it will take no less than 79gb of free disk space, that’s what Twisted Voxel reports like the Last Of Us Part 2. The previous version released on PS4 in 2014 already reached a capacity of 48gb, which makes the PS5 version much larger. And again, this is only Part 1 of Last of Us. This volume for a game may seem huge and much too big.

We can imagine that with 79gb of data, the cinematics will occupy an important place and it is possible that many players will delete the cinematics after watching them to save space. We will also learn thanks to Twisted Voxel that there will be no multiplayer mode for the moment. The creators will be working on an extraordinary and much more complete version of Factions planned for 2023.

What we also learn from the developers and that they have confirmed will be that The Last Of Us Part 1 will run on an updated version of the engine from the PS5 version of Naughty Dog. this one should bring a large number of improvements whether for the animations, the characters or even the decor and the environment. Besides, Naughty Dog seems determined to continue to evolve the Last of Us universe, both by working on a complete overhaul of the game but also on a new multiplayer mode that will succeed Faction, but for that, we will have to wait 2023.

The community and fans of the original series remain perplexed by the idea of ​​this remake which will probably be released too soon. Scheduled for September 2 at best, a graphic overhaul would be insufficient to justify a new purchase. As for the PC version, this will not be planned before a good year, see the end of 2023.

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