Yong Heroes Event : Earn free Gift Pack

How do I earn free diamonds in Yong Heroes ? The editor 100D regularly creates events and contests for players of all levels. These allow you to easily win new items, resources and accessories. The Yong Heroes Event gives away diamonds and coins for free. You will find here the complete list of events and challenges, whether they are on the game or via their social networks like facebook.

The Yong Heores Event will allow you to discover the new features of the game in preview, or to earn precious resources thanks to a reward system like ingots, silvers and potions. Also, I inform you that I do not create an event, it is the developers and editors. I only relay the information they release via their social network such as Facebook.

Active Yong Heroes Event

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Find here all the events and information of the game Yong Heores. These are often linked to major updates to the game or linked to important dates.

Find 5 differences correctly

Added on 10th September
There are 5 differences
Who can find it quickly and accurately
Reward : Top 30 players who find the 5 differences correctly can get our rich rewards
Event Time: 10/09 – 12/09
How to participate : Facebook

New Visitor

Added on 20 July
Reward : 30 lucky participants will get lucky gift pack
Event Time: 20th July to 22nd July
How to Participate : Facebook

Use your imagination!

1. share this post including your answer

2. Attach the screenshot of sharing post and the answer you think
(no matter the answer is correct or not)

Are you enjoy to find all the Yong Heores Event ?

Let‘s find differences together

Added on 10 July
Reward : 30 lucky players can get gifts
Event Time: 10th July to 12th July
How to Participate : Facebook

If you want to play the game well, you need to have good eyesight in addition to hand speed

It’s time to test your eyesight!

Who is the best eye-catching baby in Yong Heroes?

There are 5 differences in the picture

Spot the differences, and attach the screenshot in our comment below

Game info

  • Title : Yong Heroes
  • Genre : Action
  • Publisher : 100D
  • Download it on Android or IOS :

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