Paper Rex Win the Valorant Champions 2022

Paper Rex is putting Singapore e-sports on the map! Just last month, they shocked the world
when they made it to the grand final of the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Stage 2 Masters in
Copenhagen. They are hoping to go one better and become Valorant Champions in September.
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Paper Rex is the number 1 Valorant team from Asia-Pacific that brings a fun vibe to
tournaments. Their team captain, Benedict “Benkai” Tan, loves to come out on stage in funky
costumes. He is known to get the crowd hyped up. Benkai has donned such outfits as a bright
pink tracksuit with a pink wig to match!

Can Paper Rex Win the Valorant Champions 2022

Paper Rex has proven to the world they are one of the best Valorant teams in the world after
their impressive performance in Copenhagen. Paper Rex has a great chance of becoming world
champions, and we expect them to make a deep run in the playoffs. However, they will have
their cut out beating some of the top North American and European teams. Their biggest
challenges will be OpTic from the US and FunPlus Phoenix from Europe.
One of the biggest edge Paper Rex has over their other teams is their relaxed nature. They
don’t let the pressure get to them and are able to play a fluid game even during the biggest
Tan emphasized the importance of having fun out there. The 25-year-old also said his team
knows how to innovate in the game, which he said is only possible if you truly love what you are

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How Did Paper Rex Get So Good At Valorant ?

Initially, Paper Rex would copy other teams which gave them a base strategy. However, they
quickly realized to defeat the top teams, they would have to develop their own tactics.
Paper Rex has emphasized speed and taking risks which is in contrast to European and North
American teams who play a slower and more controlled style. Tan said that European and North
American teams are often shocked by their gameplay. Some try to speed up their pace to match
Paper Rex’s style and end up getting crushed. While others maintain their slow style and quickly
get overwhelmed by Paper Rex’s all-out attacks.

Paper Rex are out to shock the world and win the Valorant Champions. They will have to beat
15 of the world’s best teams to win the coveted crown. The Valorant Champions 2022 is going
down in Istanbul, Turkey, and will kick off on September 2. The winner is expected to walk away
with over $300,000, and there will be over $1 million up for grabs. If Paper Rex can win the title,
expect a surge in popularity of not only Valorant in Singapore but e-sports in general.

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