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Valheim didn’t make an official presence at Microsoft and Bethesda’s conference, but the Iron Gate-developed survival game generated some excitement. He was, in fact, invited to a photo of some of the titles that would be available on Game Pass by June 2023.

Valheim arrives in the Game Pass, as we can see, in the section set to release in 2022. However, it’s reasonable to assume that this will only be done for the PC collection, given no console release is currently planned. We still don’t know when the release will happen, but it should be before the end of the year.

Previously limited to the Steam platform, it appears that Iron Gate and Microsoft have finally achieved an arrangement, which is not surprising given Microsoft’s Game Pass policy toward the indie video game market. It’s unclear whether Steam users will be able to play alongside Game Pass subscribers, but it’s a safe assumption given that previous titles have permitted crossplay between the two platforms in the past.

Given that a significant update, the largest on Valheim to yet, is expected to arrive soon, bringing a new biome, the Mistlands, it’s probable that its inclusion in the Game Pass may occur at this time, in order to further promote the game of survival and crafting, which has been praised by users.

Thousands of gamers have been lured by Valheim’s Viking universe, its extremely nice aesthetic direction, and, above all, its gameplay that breaks free from the constraints of survival games. Iron Gate and Microsoft are expected to give further information about the game’s exact launch date in the PC Game Pass in the near future, pending a possible console release.

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To wrap off this topic, numerous products, including Riot Titles games, will be available on the Game Pass in the future months. Below is a sneak peek at what’s in store.

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